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Meg McDermott

program officer

For many people living with HIV/AIDS, facing stigma and discrimination and earning a dignified living is as much a challenge as coping with the disease.

In China, Pact has worked—first in rural Guangxi and now Yunnan province—to offer people living with HIV/AIDS better prospects of decent livelihoods and integration into their communities.

From 2008 to 2012, we helped prepare our local partner in Guangxi, AIDS Care China, to support three groups of people living with HIV/AIDs to learn vocational skills and start their own businesses. More than 100 of those entrepreneurs are generating reliable, increased incomes that benefit them and their families. Just as important, AIDS Care China, with Pact’s mentoring, is now an efficient, well-managed NGO capable of securing direct funding for its work from the U.S. Government, Global Fund, private companies and the Chinese government.

Similarly, in Yunnan, Pact is transforming our primary Chinese partner there—the Yunnan Association of STI and AIDS Prevention and Control—into the premier provincial capacity development hub. After mastering Pact’s Organizational Capacity Assessment tool, the association is, in turn, teaching community-based organizations how to conduct effective self-assessments that lead to improved operations. With our support, the association is also mobilizing community trainers poised to transfer skills learned from Pact to others, ramping up communities’ effectiveness in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

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