Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo


Yves Bawa

country director

Hélène Rodriguez Sherman

senior program officer

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, vast natural resources in minerals and forestry offer communities the prospect of real economic benefit. But their high value can also attract unregulated exploitation, particularly in the volatile east of the country, rife with political tensions and armed conflicts.

Pact and its partners are going to the root of the problem, helping forest and mining communities and their families to organize and develop dependable sources of income.

In the mining sector, Pact works in partnership with government, industry and civil society to help ensure that minerals make it to international markets without interference, promoting development rather than conflict.

The bar code on this mineral tag contains detailed data on every point of the supply chain.

In the Great Lakes Region, Pact participates in minerals due diligence mechanism called iTSCi. The program started in 2011 in Katanga and Rwanda, and was extended in 2012 to the provinces of South Kivu and Maniema. At the end of 2012, more than 25,000 artisanal miners were working in mines participating in iTSCi. Communities around mines are able to grow economically and peacefully, thanks to income from the mines as well as the additional economic activity it triggers. For some families, it means being able to send their children to school.

In forest areas, communities organize to have a voice in the management of natural resources. They learn and apply best-practice agricultural techniques to reduce pressure on the forest and increase the duration of land use by crops.

Stories and Highlights

Miners, including children, washing minerals in Katanga, DRC

Keeping children out of mineral supply chains

May 11, 2016
The sun is high and blistering down on a sparse landscape. Sounds of hammers and picks are constant throughout the hot day. People come and go, hauling heavy sacks of rocks from pits and tunnels to...

Pact report highlights progress against child labor in mining in Congo

May 11, 2016
Today, Pact released a report detailing the progress of efforts to address child labor in mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The report provides an in-depth look at four years of on-the-...

Pact's Yves Bawa nominated as leader against conflict minerals

March 14, 2016
Pact is pleased to announce that Yves Bawa has been nominated for this year’s Top 100 Conflict Mineral Influence Leaders list. Bawa serves as Pact’s regional director in Africa’s Great Lakes region...

Plummeting commodity prices increase risk of ‘conflict minerals’ in consumer electronic devices

February 11, 2016
A steep fall in worldwide mineral prices is jeopardizing the operational traceability system designed to both stem ‘conflict minerals’ and protect vulnerable artisanal miners in Africa’s Great Lakes...
Access to Justice community meeting

Helping vulnerable people exercise their voice, access their rights

December 10, 2015
"Our Rights. Our Freedoms. Always." That’s the theme for this year’s Human Rights Day. At Pact, we believe all individuals are entitled to fair treatment under the law and protection from harm. That’...

Unconflicted: Mineral traceability in Africa’s Great Lakes region

October 29, 2015
Throughout Africa’s Great Lakes region, Pact and our partners are working to ensure small-scale and artisanal miners have legal access to international markets and a safer, more secure livelihood.

'One day at a time’: Mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo

October 29, 2015
Safari Kulimushi, a 47-year-old father of 13 in DRC, lives his life as a miner one day at a time. With Pact’s support, his livelihood has become a safer, more secure choice.

Pact, partners reach critical milestone in mineral traceability in Africa

July 16, 2015
While work remains, Pact and its partners have made significant progress implementing a traceability and due diligence system in the Great Lakes region of Africa to assure minerals as conflict-free,...

Report sheds new light on conflict-free mining in Africa's Great Lakes

July 14, 2015
Today, Pact released a report detailing the state of conflict-free minerals in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. The report provides an in-depth look at traceability and due...

A brighter future in Walikale

April 22, 2015
After five years of hard work and patience, artisanal miners are on the job in Walikale – free from fear and violence, with access to legal markets for the tin, tantalum and tungsten that go into our...