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Innovative social marketing campaigns driven by local organizations are spreading the word in Mozambique about how to live healthier lives, information that’s critical in a country where men have a life expectancy of only 47 years and women 51.

With funding from USAID and under the management of partner Population Services International, Pact is helping community-based organizations in Mozambique carry out effective social marketing campaigns by applying our hallmark organizational capacity and network analysis tools. With these tools, which explore all aspects of an organization, our partners identify where they struggle and where they thrive.

By helping them tap their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, we help develop a strong network of private-sector and civil society organizations able to carry forth savvy campaigns and programs – with the potential to dramatically improve health.

Our growing network of grassroots organizations puts to work a collage of complementary communications channels, reaching thousands with messages spanning the health spectrum. Health education workers teach their communities about correctly using contraceptives, properly spacing births, preventing malaria and HIV, and purifying water, among other lifesaving practices.

Religious leaders, too, pepper sermons with counsel about malaria prevention, such as the importance of using insecticide-treated mosquito nets. To distribute their messages widely, our partners use social media, host radio shows and advocate to the government for more effective and integrated health services.