Alyona Gerasimova

country director

Christine de Guzman

program officer


Country: Ukraine
Funder: USAID

Pact’s ENGAGE program, which stands for Enhance Non-Governmental Actors and Grassroots Engagement, aims to increase citizen awareness of and engagement in civic activities at the national, regional and local levels. Beginning in Fall 2016, ENGAGE’s goals are to increase civic education, promote democratic reforms through local coalitions, improve the capacity of civil society organizations and ensure sustainability of civic engagement in Ukraine. In addition, ENGAGE seeks to promote inclusion of marginalized groups and build demand for fundamental European values.


Country: Ukraine
Funder: USAID

Pact’s UNITER program, which stands for Ukraine National Initiative to Enhance Reforms, was launched in 2008 to support local pro-reform civil society organizations working to promote democracy, government transparency and accountability, European integration and civic involvement. The program builds organizations’ capacity by providing them financial grants, training, mentorship and other support. Pact’s local civil society partners played a leading role in Ukraine’s recent Euromaidan revolution, and today, they are leading the country’s post-revolution reform efforts. 


Country: HIV/AIDS, Ukraine
Funder: USAID

Pact’s RESPOND program is improving HIV/AIDS services for key populations in Ukraine. The program is helping local decision-makers to understand the benefits of using strategic information to boost services where they’re lacking, and it’s strengthening the organizational and technical capacities of local providers to better respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Pact is helping Ukraine to build a continuum model of client-centered prevention, treatment, care and support services, ensuring that no one with HIV or AIDS is left behind.