Over the past two decades, Vietnam has experienced tremendous economic and social change. Pact is working to ensure that as the country develops, people who are poor and marginalized are able to access the benefits.

Since 2004, Pact has been working to build the capacity of civil society organizations to reduce HIV infections in Vietnam with prevention, treatment and a supportive social and policy environment. Our capacity development approaches in Vietnam mirror those we apply in dozens of countries across the world: thorough assessments followed by hands-on mentoring and skill-building.

Thanks to Pact’s efforts, local organizations are now playing a major role in the country’s HIV response.     

In 2013, Pact introduced its award-winning WORTH program in Vietnam. WORTH helps women lift themselves and each other out of poverty with literacy training, community banking and microbusiness development, enabling members to become entrepreneurs, activists and effective leaders of change in their communities.



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