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Dang Thi Thanh Binh

country manager

Megan Sullivan

program specialist

Mekong Vitality Expanded Alliance

Country: Vietnam
Funder: USAID/ The Coca-Cola Foundation

Mekong Vitality Expanded Alliance builds on Pact's Mekong Vitality project, which has been helping economically disadvantaged women in Vietnam's Vinh Long province for several years. Mekong Vitality uses WORTH, Pact’s award-winning women’s economic empowerment model in which groups of 20-25 women form a village bank for weekly savings and loans, allowing them to develop their own small businesses. The Mekong Vitality Expanded Alliance goes a step further by incorporating mobile technology solutions, deeper business skills training and additional networking opportunities into the WORTH groups. The Alliance focuses on transforming women from micro-enterprise operators to entrepreneurs and business leaders by equipping them with an understanding of sound business practices and market forces, including trade opportunities. 

Mekong Vitality

Country: Vietnam
Funder: The Coca-Cola Foundation

This project works with economically disadvantaged women in Vietnam's Vinh Long province, empowering them to become forces for economic change in their communities. The project uses Pact's signature WORTH model, a savings-led microfinance program that gathers women into empowerment groups to participate in savings, lending and small business training with the aim of increasing their social capital and group cohesion. By integrating financial literacy training, community banking and micro-enterprise development, WORTH enables women to become social entrepreneurs and effective leaders who bring about change in their communities.