people with improved access to health and social services in 2016

Shae Thot: The Way Forward

Country: Myanmar
Funder: USAID

Shae Thot uses an integrated, holistic approach to alleviate poverty and improve health in villages in Myanmar by tackling problems in a range of areas, including maternal and child health, livelihoods, food security and water, sanitation and hygiene. By partnering with local organizations and working closely with communities, Shae Thot is building local capacity for decision-making and long-term planning, creating impact that will last long beyond Pact’s presence. With activities in nearly 2,000 villages, the project has trained hundreds of thousands of community members and health workers in child health and nutrition, provided mobile-clinic health and family planning services to tens of thousands, increased the percentage of women who give birth with a skilled birth attendant, provided wide-ranging hygiene training to stem the spread of disease and improved potable water access. 

Yekokeb Berhan Program for Highly Vulnerable Children

Country: Ethiopia
Funder: USAID

Yekokeb Berhan – “light from the stars” in Amharic – has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Ethiopia. A comprehensive, integrated program, Yekokeb Berhan helps vulnerable children in areas most affected by HIV and AIDS by supporting their families. More than 20,000 trained volunteers identify and assess the needs of highly vulnerable children and their parents or guardians in accordance with Ethiopian government standards. They then work with local community committees and civil society organizations to develop and implement care plans that emphasize economic strengthening, better parenting skills and linking families to locally available services to build resiliency. 


Country: Ukraine
Funder: USAID

Pact’s RESPOND program is improving HIV/AIDS services for key populations in Ukraine. The program is helping local decision-makers to understand the benefits of using strategic information to boost services where they’re lacking, and it’s strengthening the organizational and technical capacities of local providers to better respond to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Pact is helping Ukraine to build a continuum model of client-centered prevention, treatment, care and support services, ensuring that no one with HIV or AIDS is left behind.