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RFP Z1768-20174-001 DELVE Phase 2

DELVE Small & Artisanal Mining: Develop and Extend Initital Prototype

The World Bank (WB) and Pact, working in conjunction with other groups, are in the midst of a project to develop and deploy what is intended to become a global repository for artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) data. Currently, ASM data is being captured by a variety of actors in the sector (governments, NGOs, multilaterals, academics, industry). However, the data is non-standardized and stored in a wide variety of formats (paper, Excel, Access, etc.) often difficult to access and aggregate. This lack of data is undermining the ASM sector, obscuring its contribution to development, and perpetuating a narrative that says ASM is dirty, chaotic and inherently bad for the environment and developing communities. We believe better data gathered together into a well-designed, solidly architected and widely available system will reveal a different picture and lead to better decision-making, policies and interventions.

A prototype of this system is complete and will form the basis for the next phase of development. The fundamental underlying database architecture is in place and available for review/analysis as respondents prepare submissions to this RFP. Basic security, administration, data maintenance, data entry, standard reports and parameter-based reporting are all in place as starting points.

Pact would like to engage a contractor to convert our existing Access prototype into a fully functioning Web-based application. 

Deadline: Nov 10, 2017