Our Mission

Pact's mission consists of our values, purpose, goals and vision.


People are at the center of our values. We believe that effective stewardship leads to trust and that trust is the foundation for change. 
Our three core values are:

  • Local Solutions – Our success comes from solutions created with the people we serve.
  • Partnerships – Partnerships deepen our impact and promote empowerment.
  • Results – Our work must transform lives and make them measurably better. How that change occurs is as important as the change itself.


Pact enables systemic solutions that allow those who are poor and marginalized to earn a dignified living, be healthy, and take part in the benefits that nature provides. Pact accomplishes this by strengthening local capacity, forging effective governance systems, and transforming markets into a force for development.



Pact envisions a world where those who are poor and marginalized exercise their voice, build their own solutions, and take ownership of their future.