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Mirana Rakotosamimanana

Phesheya Vilakazi

program manager

With rising poverty levels, reduced government support for basic social services, and more and more children dropping out of school, child labor—and the worst forms of it—are a pressing humanitarian concern in Madagascar.

Since 2008, Pact has extricated more than 9,000 Malagasy children from exploitative labor in commercial sex work, domestic servitude and mining.

We have helped those children return to school, and access psychosocial support and mentoring. We’ve also made it possible for their families to earn money in a healthy ways, particularly through our microsavings program that teaches women how to save and access loans to support income-generating activities.

We currently work in all 22 of the country’s regions to prevent malaria and tuberculosis and to ensure children receive an education. Our work today is built on more than two decades of work in Madagascar addressing a range of additional health, humanitarian, economic and governance concerns. Our programs have combated HIV/AIDS, improved local and environmental governance, encouraged corporate-community engagement and reduced corruption. Pact's capacity development activities have also strengthened local partners’ ability to effectively and sustainably carry out their work on their own.

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