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As well as in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam, Pact is working in Laos to ensure socially and environmentally responsible development as the country grows. 

Our Mekong Partnership for the Environment project is working across the Lower Mekong region, using an integrated approach to promote equitable prosperity, the sustainable use of natural resources, and robust public participation through good environmental impact assessment policy and practice. We're strengthening local organizations and institutions, increasing the public’s access to information, and building dialogue and platforms for cooperation among stakeholders across the region, not just within countries.


Stories and Highlights

Pact's Mekong Partnership for the Environment

June 27, 2016
Pact's Barry Flaming discusses the Mekong Partnership for the Environment project. Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, the project is using a regional, integrated approach to...

World leaders pledge support for responsible growth in Mekong region

August 17, 2015
At a meeting of the Lower Mekong Initiative in Malaysia this month, leaders from six nations agreed that as the region transforms, short-term growth must not come at the expense of long-term...

Mekong government, civil society support strong EIAs

December 5, 2014
Government and civil society representatives highlighted the need for strong and inclusive environmental impact assessment (EIA) policies and practices in the Mekong region at a meeting this week in...