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Jennifer Mulik

project director

Tom Ventimiglia

deputy project director

Enhancing collaboration and harnessing the power of data: Lessons from ACHIEVE Tanzania data summits

May 31, 2023
Data holds immense power. It is the cornerstone of our accountability, illuminates our path, informs our decisions and shapes the trajectory of programs and strategies. In the context of HIV and...

ACHIEVE in Rwanda: Ending HIV among mothers, infants and children

April 18, 2023
In Rwanda, the USAID PEPFAR-funded ACHIEVE project has been working with two local partners, Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) and DUHaranira Amajyambere y’Icyaro (DUHAMIC-ADRI), to reduce...

To serve vulnerable children, Zambia launches national guidelines for case management

March 23, 2023
On February 28, the government of the Republic of Zambia through the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) launched the Community and Statutory Case Management guidelines and...

As PEPFAR turns 20, a reflection on global health partners’ remarkable progress to end HIV

February 16, 2023
This year marks the 20th anniversary of PEPFAR, the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. This groundbreaking initiative was launched by President George W. Bush in 2003, with the goal of...

Community case workers: The heart of Pact's support for children vulnerable to HIV

January 25, 2023
Although they were surviving, life was extremely difficult for Kinyamagoha and his grandmother. At 15, Kinyamagoha is HIV-positive. His grandmother can no longer walk and crawls to move around. They...

Building the financial independence of adolescent girls and young women through DREAMS

December 7, 2022
Joy is an 18-year-old mother living in Juba City, South Sudan. When she was 12 years old, she was sent to live with her uncle after being kicked out of her father’s home. Her uncle then married her...

USAID local partner meeting: ACHIEVE satellite session

November 16, 2022
Core to OVC and DREAMS programming is a cadre of community-based volunteers, mentors, and other workers that provide individual and group-based support to children, caregivers, and AGYW.  As the...

In Rwanda, empowering caregivers of orphans and vulnerable children

November 1, 2022
As an HIV-positive widow, Francoise understands the hardships of being a single mother while simultaneously managing to stay on HIV treatment and remain virally suppressed. When Francoise was linked...

Improving the lives of children, adolescent girls and young women through OVC/DREAMS HIV-prevention interventions

October 6, 2022
The USAID PEPFAR-funded Adolescents and Children HIV Incidence Reduction, Empowerment and Virus Elimination (ACHIEVE) project in Rwanda hosted a “Learning and Experience Sharing” event on September...

Leading the way for HIV treatment among adolescents

September 13, 2022
Nasir understands the complexities of being an adolescent diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Before he turned eight years old, Nasir, who hails from Tanzania, lost both of his parents to HIV. Then, at age 12,...