New video: Chevron + Pact empowering communities

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New video: Chevron + Pact empowering communities

Young woman in Myanmar

In 2003 in Myanmar, one of the poorest nations on the planet, Chevron and Pact made the impractical decision to go to work in partnership to do the right thing: Help impoverished villages build their own solutions to widespread health problems that snuffed out babies’ lives, stunted lifespans and robbed people of their dignity and promise.

Ten years later, just as Myanmar blossoms onto the world stage, more than 1,000 villages in the remote Dry Zone beam with promise. As a result of the Chevron-Pact partnership, tens of thousands fly-free latrines have been constructed, curtailing diarrheal diseases. The unchecked spread of tuberculosis, malaria and HIV is giving way to prevention, treatment and care at the hands of trained village volunteers. Meanwhile, hundreds of mothers groups are learning modern maternal practices, engendering a healthier generation of children, and are joining to form savings groups, giving rise to better livelihoods.

"Chevron+Pact: Empowering Local Communities Through Parterships" looks back on this remarkable 10-year private-public partnership, begun when few multinational corporations or international NGOs were allowed to operate inside Myanmar. The video documentary is shot entirely on location and includes interviews with Chevron and Pact employees who have worked together since the project's beginning. Viewers are treated to a rare glimpse of life inside villages so remote that members of Pact's film crew represented the first foreigners many of the villagers had ever seen.

"Chevron+Pact" chronicles the success of what in the video Chevron's Dr. James Allen calls the "health before wealth" approach. Before people can earn a decent livelihood, they need good health. A decade later, the people of Myanmar's Dry Zone are getting both.


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