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Milica Panic

Chief of Party, CSM-STAND project

Maggie Marshall

program manager

USAID Civil Society Strengthening Activity

Country: Dominican Republic
Funder: USAID

This five-year project is advancing holistic citizen security in the Dominican Republic by strengthening local civil society organizations and civic leaders, as well as media outlets and journalists, and improving the legal and policy framework for supporting crime and violence prevention. Pact is leading the project, which is being implemented with our CSM-STAND consortium partners IREX, MAKAIA and ICNL, with a vision of transitioning technical leadership to a small cohort of local organizations.

USAID Civil Society and Media

Country: Nepal
Funder: USAID

Nepal’s transition to a federal governance structure has provided new avenues for subnational governments, civil society and media to deepen partnerships at the subnational level for more inclusive development, paving the way for a diverse citizenry’s access to development activities, especially those within the intersectionality of gender, economic status, ethnicity and location. Within this context, USAID Civil Society and Media (CSM) is supporting the government of Nepal’s vision for inclusive development through more transparent, accountable and responsive civil society and media. With an overarching goal to support subnational civil society and media led by and for Nepali women, youth and parts of local communities at risk of being left behind, USAID CSM primarily focuses on Lumbini and Madhesh provinces, with some activities in Kathmandu. The program is advancing the guiding priority of making more publicly available funding opportunities to local organizations to advance their community priorities and interests, reinforcing Nepal's local capacities to lead local solutions to some of its most pressing development challenges. CSM is funded by USAID through the Civil Society and Media – Strengthened Together and Advancing in New Directions (CSM-STAND) Leader with Associates Award, led by The Asia Foundation in partnership with Pact.

Sustainable Independent Media Activity

Country: South Sudan
Funder: USAID

The Sustainable Independent Media Activity is a three-year project funded by USAID to improve access to credible, accurate and reliable information for South Sudanese citizens by promoting the sustainability of high quality, independent radio operations. The project is led by IREX as part of the USAID CSM-STAND mechanism, which is co-led by Pact and IREX. The effort is strengthening the capacity and sustainability of independent radio stations, targeting more than a dozen counties in South Sudan, providing citizens with a platform to contribute to a more responsive government for South Sudanese citizens. The Sustainable Independent Media Activity is helping citizens obtain the information they need to make important decisions for themselves and their communities.


Funder: USAID

The Transform (Transform Digital Spaces to Reflect Feminist Democratic Principles) program is a three-year global pilot initiative funded by USAID that is expanding opportunities for women to safely exercise their civic voice and agency, both online and offline, by addressing Technology-Facilitated Gender Based Violence (TFGBV). TFGBV is a global phenomenon, wherein information and communication technologies are weaponized against individuals based on their gender. It is experienced disproportionately by women, girls and LGBTQI+ persons. In addition to its toll on individuals’ wellbeing, TFGBV dampens civic engagement, negatively impacting institutions, communities and societies. Led by IREX, Transform is building individuals’ resilience to TFGBV, strengthening institutions’ capacity and commitment to decreasing its prevalence, and supporting efforts to transform equity-focused social norms related to gender and digital citizenship to reduce the negative impact of TFGBV. Transform is part of the Civil Society and Media - Strengthened Together and Advancing in New Directions (CSM-STAND) program, implemented by a consortium of global partners co-led by Pact and IREX.