Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo


Yves Bawa

country director

Noel Mondjo

program officer

Formalization of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Funder: Trafigura

Working in Kolwezi, DRC, this project supports Trafigura's mineral suppliers in the development and ongoing maintenance of a responsible sourcing program. Pact assists suppliers in stakeholder consultation and awareness raising to facilitate the active and positive participation of miners, community members, community leaders, cooperatives and local authorities in the process of establishing a responsible mineral sourcing practice. Pact also completes due diligence and risk assessments as needed and supports suppliers to establish a consultation mechanism for risk management and conflict resolution, as well as a reporting mechanism for human rights abuses.

Combatting Child Labor in DRC's Cobalt Industry

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Funder: U.S. Department of Labor

Led by the International Labour Organization, this project is strengthening efforts by the Congolese government and other relevant stakeholders to address child labor in the cobalt industry in DRC. Pact is working to increase understanding of the challenges and opportunities for addressing child labor in the DRC’s cobalt industry, to increase the capacity of government and other relevant stakeholders to address the problem, and to improve monitoring and remediation efforts by the private sector of child labor in the cobalt supply chain.

Sustainable Mine Site Validation

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Funder: USAID

This project is helping to counter illegal activities such as child labor, violence and other human abuses at artisanal mine sites in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through a validation process, the project verifies that no armed groups are present and that the mine has the legal authority to operate. This process is the first step to ensuring minerals are sourced responsibly and conflict-free, which contributes to broader peace and stability in the region.

Watato Inje Ya Mungoti: Children Out of Mining

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Funder: Public and private-sector partners

Since 2015, Pact's Children Out of Mining project has been working with local and international partners as well as private-sector companies to address child labor at DRC mine sites. With positive, collective action and an integrated package of interventions designed to address root causes, the project achieved a 97 percent reduction in the number of children working at project mine sites in the first two years. Children Out of Mining, also known as WIM, has included awareness raising and education and livelihoods and positive parenting skills development. The project has changed attitudes and norms about child labor, increased community awareness of children’s rights and improved the enforcement of bans on child labor. Recent additions to the project have included targeted interventions to support particularly vulnerable and older children, as well as the expanded use of Pact’s signature WORTH for Miners program, which provides literacy, numeracy, savings and financial skills to miners to increase mining families’ economic resources and potential. The project has also added local committees in key mining areas, training for local suppliers on international standards, and exchange visits with other mining communities addressing child labor.

This project has been made possible by the support of the GE Foundation, The Boeing Company, International Tin Association, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rocbelt, Hope Mining Cooperative, Children’s Voice, ARDERI, Trafigura Foundation, ERG, Dell and others.

Tanganyika Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Funder: USAID

This project is working to reduce the incidence of conflicts between the Batwa and Baluba people by strengthening peace and reconciliation efforts in the Nyunzu, Kalemie, Manono and Kabalo communities. The project is increasing cooperation and co-existence between the Batwa and Baluba peoples, strengthening conflict mitigation mechanisms and resolution processes for peace-building, and improving livelihoods through social cohesion and collaboration.

ITA Tin Supply Chain Initiative (ITSCI)

Country: Burundi, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda
Funder: ITA

Pact leads field implementation for the International Tin Association’s tin supply chain initiative (ITSCI), the region’s only internationally accepted, operational due diligence mechanism and mineral traceability system for the 3T minerals -- tungsten, tin and tantalum. The system monitors minerals from the point of extraction at mines sites to smelters, where minerals are processed for use in electronics and other everyday devices. Pact conducts mine baseline studies to assess when sites are able to enter the system and supports governments in implementing the mineral tracking system. We also ensure that international guidance for ‘conflict free’ minerals is respected, including no human rights abuses, child labor, armed conflict or corruption. Pact records incidents when they arise and facilitates their resolution. The system allows tens of thousands of miners to earn a dignified living and build a better future for themselves and their families.