Cassandra Cravens

country director

Owen Phillips

senior program officer


Country: Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya
Funder: USAID

Building on Pact's successful implementation of PEACE II, this project works along Kenya's borders with Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia to strengthen conflict-management systems and build the capacity of regional and national institutions to stem cross-border conflict. 

Selam Ekisil (SEEK)

Country: Ethiopia, Kenya
Funder: European Union Trust Fund for Africa

The Selam Ekisil, or SEEK, project adopts a conflict systems based approach to address the multiple causes of conflict in cross border areas and to promote peace building, conflict management and conflict resolution capacity at the community and cross border levels. It is part of the EU’s programme for Collaboration in the Cross Border areas of the Horn of Africa, working to prevent and mitigate the impact of local conflict and to promote economic development and greater resilience in four different cross border regions. The three-year project addresses drivers of conflict, insecurity and instability, while strengthening the systems and institutions that peacefully manage and resolve conflict on the border of Southwest Ethiopia and Northwest Kenya.

Reaching Educational Attainments of Children in the Hinterlands (REACH)

Country: Ethiopia
Funder: Education Above All Foundation - Educate A Child Programme

This project is expanding educational opportunities for marginalized and hard-to-reach Ethiopian children who are not attending school. REACH is targeting approximately 15,000 children in 43 districts and providing hand-washing facilities to boost school retention. The project works closely with experienced local partners, drawing on their established relationships with local stakeholders including Ethiopia's Ministry of Education, woreda and district-level education offices, schools, parent-teacher associations and community institutions. REACH is creating a conducive learning environment, attracting more children to schools and building school enrollment, retention and quality.


Godere Forest Initiative

Country: Ethiopia
Funder: USAID

This project works to reduce conflict related to natural resources. The two-year effort is helping communities in the resource-rich Gambella region to manage and sustain the natural ecosystem and benefit from local natural resources while coexisting peacefully. Pact is building the capacity of 12 forest cooperatives and providing opportunities for different groups to come together to address underlying causes of tension. This means more equitable access to economic resources, improved forest management systems and increased space for dialogue among groups – ultimately leading to increased local capacity to manage natural resource-driven conflict.