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Jorden de Haan

senior program officer

Daniel Stapper

program manager

Fabiola Kjeldgaard

senior program specialist

Promoting Mercury-Free Mali (Pro-MFM)

Country: Mali
Funder: U.S. State Department

Pact’s Promoting Mercury-Free Mali project brings together miners, industry and government stakeholders in an integrated approach to help resource-dependent communities and artisanal and small-scale gold miners to be safer as well as more formal and productive. The project aims to reduce mercury use and reliance, while strengthening supply chains in Mali’s small-scale gold mining sector. The effort includes technical support for mercury abatement, increased transparency and resiliency for the ASGM sector, and incentivizing and realizing responsible ASGM supply chains. The project works with miners, investors and gold traders interested in adopting mercury-free business models, in Keneiba Cercle in the Kayes Region of Western Mali.