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Rabi Sani

country director

Kyle Charles

program officer

Taraba Conflict Management and Mitigation

Country: Nigeria
Funder: USAID

Over the past several years, Nigeria has witnessed an escalation in violent conflicts in multiple states between nomadic livestock herders and indigenous farmers. These conflicts are triggered when farmers and livestock herders clash over the use of land and have cost thousands of people their lives, as well as caused many people to flee their homes. In 2019, the Taraba Conflict Management and Mitigation (TCMR) project, which seeks to find resolution for these conflicts, began in four Local Government Authorities in Nigeria’s Taraba State. Pact and our main local partner, Interfaith Mediation Centre, are working with area tribes to facilitate community conflict resolution through self-driven and locally-owned dialogue and consensus-building, improve access to justice for aggrieved parties in target communities, and strengthen local government and institutional capacity to effectively promote peace in their communities.

Medical diagnostics

Country: Nigeria

Pact Ventures structured a strategic partnership with a medical diagnostics company operating in marginalized communities in urban and peri-urban areas. Through this partnership, Pact aims to improve access to health screening and diagnostics services that are crucial for broader health outcomes in the marginalized communities we serve.

State Accountability for Quality Improvement Project (SAQIP)

Country: Nigeria
Funder: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

A six-year project, SAQIP is improving maternal, neonatal and child health outcomes in northeast Nigeria, where maternal and child mortality rates are especially high. SAQIP is strengthening public health systems, improving quality of care, building community engagement and empowering women economically with Pact's WORTH model so they can better provide for their own health and that of their children. Specifically, the project is building the capacity of the State Primary Health Care Development Agency and its Local Government Authority structures to carry out their mandate to provide quality maternal, neonatal and child health services through public health centers. SAQIP is also boosting the use of services and community participation in the public health system.