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Recognizing that the classic development model alone is insufficient to solve social challenges, Pact created Pact Ventures, a team that approaches development through the lens of creative financing vehicles and market-based incentives. Pact Ventures brings expertise from a diverse range of backgrounds, ranging from public policy and development to investment banking/private equity and strategy consulting. We bring new approaches to solving social challenges by intersecting multiple disciplines grounded in tri-sector experiences.

We work in three main areas:

STRATEGIC INVESTMENTS – We invest in promising social enterprises that leverage and/or augment Pact’s capabilities to deliver impact at scale.

NEW VENTURES – We test innovative models to deliver impact in new and sustainable ways, scaling what works through innovative financing models.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS – We structure shared-value relationships with private sector partners, aligning incentives needed for systemic, sustainable change.

“It has been a pleasure to team up with the Pact Ventures team. They executed a smooth, fast diligence process with minimal burden on our end. Post-investment, they’ve been very proactive and helpful in creating synergies and collaborating on opportunities. Overall, they’ve been a different breed of impact investor and we’re excited to continue working together.” – Amped Innovation management team

Learn more in our downloadable overview.