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Jacqueline Ndirangu

country coordinator

John Furnari

chief of party, expanding access to justice

Brittany Haga

program officer

Expanding Access to Justice

Country: Somalia, Kenya
Funder: USAID

Working in Somalia and the autonomous region of Somaliland, the Expanding Access to Justice project is increasing awareness and general knowledge of legal rights, human rights and options for recourse, especially for marginalized groups. The project responds to citizens’ needs by supporting civil society and government justice actors in sustainably improving the quality and scope of legal aid services. Working with government and civil society justice sector actors, Expanding Access to Justice's ultimate goal is to increase the quality, reach, availability and accessibility of legal aid services in Somalia and Somaliland. Learn more at Expanding Access to Justice's website

Regional Approaches for Sustainable Conflict Management and Integration (RASMI) Past Project

Country: Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia
Funder: European Union Trust Fund for Africa

The shared border areas of Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya, also known as the Mandera Triangle, have experienced armed conflict, violent crime, extremist attacks, political instability and state failure for years. The Regional Approaches for Sustainable Conflict Management and Integration (RASMI) project adopts a conflict systems-based approach to promote peace-building, conflict management and conflict resolution capacity at the community and cross-border levels. It is part of the EU's programme for Collaboration in the Cross-Border areas of the Horn of Africa. RASMI, which means “reliable” in Somali, targets stakeholders in the Mandera Triangle who are most vulnerable to engaging in conflict, irregular migration and recruitment into militias and terror groups. RASMI engages local government agencies, women, religious leaders, security forces and the private sector – those who have the greatest capacity for managing conflicts and promoting peace.