Leslie Mitchell

country director

Emmanuel Lamptey

program manager


Country: Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya
Funder: USAID

Building on Pact's successful implementation of PEACE II, this project works along Kenya's borders with Uganda, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia to strengthen conflict-management systems and build the capacity of regional and national institutions to stem cross-border conflict. 

Broadening Options for Reconciliation, Development, and Empowerment among Somalis II

Country: Somalia
Funder: Somalia Stability Fund

This three-year project is fostering peace and reconciliation in the Gedo and Juba regions of Somalia. Pact is building the capacity of community-based peace organizations, providing them with training, mentorship and technical assistance that has in turn helped them teach local communities to resolve their disputes without violence or external support. Pact's work has led to improved cooperation among peacebuilders, who now run joint response units to resolve conflicts and prevent retaliatory attacks. The project is also increasing local government involvement in peacebuilding initiatives, including district administrators, security agents and community policing units. Local governments are now enforcing community peace agreements, coordinating peacebuilding efforts in their districts to respond to conflicts and providing resources for conflict resolution. The project has provided peacebuilding trainings to thousands of Somalis. Working with local communities, Pact constructed 11 "peace dividends," including livestock markets, health and water facilities and a community hall that are increasing positive interactions among divided groups.