Levina Kikoyo

country director

Marita Jimenez

program officer

Request for Quotation - Conference Accommodation Services for ACHIEVE FY23 Planning Workshop.pdf

Pact Tanzania through ACHIEVE project, is looking for the following accommodation and conference services to facilitate its FY23 Planning Workshop


Deadline: Sep 19, 2022

Blanket Purchase Agreement Set Up for Supply of Sports Materials, Start-Up Kits, and Reusable Sanitary Pads

Pact Tanzania through ACHIEVE Project, is considering issuing Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) to eligible suppliers for the supply of sports materials, start-up kits, and reusable sanitary pads kits for the project implementation in FY2023. BPAs will commit rates and terms for orders to be placed by Pact over the BPA period, subject to program requirements and donor funding.


Deadline: Sep 28, 2022

Capacity Development for Local Implementing Partners on Advocacy Planning

Pact Tanzania through ACHIEVE Project seeks a  consultant to support eight Local Implementing Partners (LIPs) to develop Advocacy Plans to enable their organizations to influence stakeholders and policy makers in pursuit of their organizational missions. ACHIEVE aims to support LIPs to strengthen staff skills and understanding of advocacy best practices, alongside developing individual approaches for each organization to pursue their own advocacy priorities. The Capacity Development (CD) for this activity support should be based on best practices in global and in-country capacity development approaches on improving skills and knowledge for LIPs leadership teams to develop strategies that enhance their ability to advocate and lobby. The approach must be tailored to reflect the individual advocacy priorities for each organization, as per their Capacity Action Plans (CAP).

Deadline: Jul 27, 2022

Conducting Livelihoods and Market Assessment to Identify Economic Opportunities for Caregivers of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Pact through ACHIEVE project seeks a consultant to conduct a market assessment to guide skills development and training, focusing on growing industries and traditionally male-dominated sectors that contribute to diversified economic opportunities for improving income and assets by strengthening OVC caregivers who are members of WORTH Yetu to engage in the viable and appropriate market-led opportunities

Deadline: Jul 13, 2022

Supporting ACHIEVE Local Implementing Partners' Communications Capacity Development and Developing Communications Strategies

Pact through ACHIEVE Project is seeking a consultant to support eight ACHIEVE's LIPs to develop Communications Training Packages and Organizational Communications Strategies as part of Capacity Development. The Capacity Development (CD) support should be based on best practices in both global and in-country capacity development approaches on improving skills and knowledge for LIPs leadership teams to develop strategies that enhance their ability to communicate strategically and smoothly with both internal and external audiences. The approach to CD support must be tailored for each of the 8 LIPs to reflect their individual, organizational communication, and partnership needs as per their Capacity Action Plans (CAP). The consultant will work closely with the ACHIEVE Tanzania team to gather the information that informs the development of the approach and materials, develop specific deliverables, and coordinate the development of Communications Strategies for each organization. 

Deadline: Jul 5, 2022

Supply of CBIM Sports Materials

Pact through ACHIEVE Project seeks a vendor to supply branded sports materials for both coaches and boys aged 9-14 in twelve (12) councils implementing Coaching Boys into Men (CBIM) intervention.

Deadline: Jul 13, 2022

Supply of Education Subsidies

Pact through ACHIEVE Project seeks a qualified vendor to supply educational subsidies comprised of school bags, mathematical sets, pens, pencils, and A4 exercise books for 9,746 adolescent girls in Mufindi DC and 11,500 in-school Children aged 6 – 14 to ensure retention and completion of primary and secondary education available in Dodoma MC, Iringa DC, Iringa MC, Kilolo DC, Mafinga TC, Mufindi DC, and Kilombero DC.

Deadline: Jul 6, 2022

Capacity Development for ACHIEVE's Local Implementing Partners on Writing Project Proposal for Donor Funding

Pact through ACHIEVE project is seeking a consultant to develop a Capacity Development (CD) support package on proposal development for donor funding. The support is intended for 8 Local Implementing Partners (LIP) in Tanzania, targeting funding sources from USAID Tanzania and other major international donors. The support will focus on imparting skills and knowledge to identify and understand the difference between the types of USAID and other major donor funding instruments and bidding mechanisms. The applicant will also be required to support the partners in understanding the flow of funding from the United States Government to USAID Mission offices. The package should also focus on specific skills in writing a technical and financial proposal responsive to donor requirements and management of proposal development processes for prime/sub-partner roles.

The activity aims to contribute to organizational business sustainability by following each organization's Business Sustainability Plans and other strategic priorities. Consequntly, activity will enable relevant staff within the organizations to understand solicitation mechanisms, the funding landscape, and how their capacities and strategic mission align with the solicitation, allowing for partnerships to develop and mature throughout the business development lifecycle. 

The approach to this activity must include a review of the previous Express of interest (EOI) submitted to ACHIEVE and the organization's internal proposal development process to identify technical capacity gaps and challenges and develop an action plan detailing the steps, tools, and resources to be developed, and support required to strengthen their capacity on proposal development. The consultant will also review business sustainability plans developed for each partner. Information from this review will be used to inform the development of a training and coaching package for the partners.

Further, the package will include the development of a training and coaching package based on best practices for adult learning by focusing on experiential learning approaches. Participants should be guided to apply the skills they gain through training and coaching to practice proposal writing and development. Individual skills development should also aim to equip the participating partner staff with skills for developing and managing donor-funded proposal processes. The training and coaching package may be either developed as a new resource or adapted from existing resources that reflect international best practices. The applicant will deliver the implementation of the training and coaching package for selected staff from the eight LIPs.

Deadline: Jun 29, 2022