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Alyona Gerasimova

country director

Christine de Guzman

program manager

Leading incubator, Pact support social enterprises in Ukraine

November 18, 2015
Unreasonable Institute, a leading incubator, and Pact, an international development organization, recently partnered to support nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in Ukraine that are launching...

In Ukraine, Pact partners make history, usher in democracy

November 13, 2015
Strengthened by Pact, Ukrainian civil society organizations played a critical part in the country's Euromaidan revolution. Now, Pact's partners are leading post-revolution reform efforts.
Roman Vintoniv in the basement where "UT1 with Michael Schur" is shot.

With Pact’s help, ‘Ukraine’s Jon Stewart’ promotes tolerance, critical democratic reforms

October 29, 2015
Two years ago, most Ukrainians had never heard of Roman Vintoniv. Now he rarely goes a day without a stranger on the street recognizing his black-framed glasses and signature blonde mustache and...

No ‘wow effect’ and much left to do, but Ukraine reforms are progressing, experts say

October 6, 2015
Although Ukraine has made important reforms since its 2014 revolution, change is coming at a pace far slower than civil society organizations and Western governments had hoped, including in key areas...

For a 17-year-old runaway in Ukraine, assistance came just in time

June 15, 2015
After leaving home and dropping out of school, 17-year-old Nastya was on a bad path. For months, she’d been sleeping on Ukraine’s streets or staying with friends. She was frequenting a drug house,...

Pact Ukraine staff: Reforms must be forged locally, by ordinary Ukrainians

April 22, 2015
To succeed, reforms in Ukraine must involve ordinary citizens who see the benefit of taking part, and they can't be focused only in Kiev, two Pact directors said during a visit to Washington, D.C....

In Ukraine, a new life after prison

April 10, 2015
“I’d never thought about planning my future and never had support from anybody. After a few successful steps with Pact, I felt my life slowly improving.”

Everybody needs hope: Niyas’ story

October 29, 2014
With our local partner, we helped a Ukrainian bodybuilder with cerebral palsy achieve his dream of opening a gym for disabled people in his community.
Niyas in Ukrain

Helping a champion bodybuilder realize his dream

August 11, 2014
Last year, Niyas Izmaylov raised as much money in two days online as he had amassed over two months soliciting friends. His story—the story of a champion bodybuilder with cerebral palsy who wanted...

Working to halt the spread of HIV in Ukraine

October 31, 2013
Ukraine has been making notable strides in counseling, testing, and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS, but more effort is needed to reach out to vulnerable groups, including intravenous drug...