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Thembile Phute

acting country director

Olufemi Akinmade

senior specialist

Zimbabwe Accountability and Artisanal Mining Program

Country: Zimbabwe
Funder: UK Department for International Development

This project is increasing cooperation between small-scale and industrial miners in Zimbabwe and formalizing production and trade of gold by the country’s estimated 500,000 artisanal miners. The project focuses on gold mining sites in the areas of Shurugwi, Gwanda and Kwekwe, working to improve operational, safety and environmental standards. In an extensive 2014 baseline study, Pact found that the use of mercury in artisanal mining in Zimbabwe is widespread. In response and in line with the Minimata Convention on Mercury, Pact is partnering with Zimbabwe's government to develop an inventory of mercury use and a national action plan for mercury reduction. Pact is also informing policymaking, working with the government to increase the contribution of gold to Zimbabwe’s economy and development.

Enabling Capacity Program

Country: Zimbabwe
Funder: European Union

This project is building the capacity of Zimbabwe's peace and security institutions to more effectively achieve their missions.

Zimbabwe Civil Society Strengthening Project

Country: Zimbabwe

This project is strengthening selected Zimbabwean civil society organizations, building their ability to influence the country's peaceful transition to a fair and transparent democratic system. With mentoring, training and funding, Pact is helping local organizations improve their strategic planning, leadership, organizational management, monitoring and evaluation, networking, advocacy, gender integration, media reform and civic engagement.