Energy for Prosperity

Energy for Prosperity


Matthew Cullinen

senior director, renewable energy

Richard Harrison

ceo, smart power myanmar


Decentralised energy market assessment in Myanmar

May 31, 2019
Smart Power Myanmar’s mission is to help align all players across sectors to support the growth of decentralised energy solutions in Myanmar so that every rural household and business can access and...
Fact Sheet

Energy for Prosperity

May 7, 2019
Energy poverty continues to be one of the greatest global challenges, stifling economic development and the delivery of modern medical services. This fact sheet provides an overview of Pact's Energy...

Switching on: Cambodia’s path to sustainable energy security

September 5, 2018
This report investigates the potential for Cambodia to diversify its power supply technology mix, for greater energy security and sustainability benefits, given changing technology cost relativities...

Bridging the energy gap: Demand scenarios for mini-grids in Myanmar

July 3, 2018
Myanmar’s future growth and prosperity depends largely on reliable, affordable and high quality access to electricity throughout the country. More than two-thirds of Myanmar’s 53 million people lack...
Fact Sheet

Improving access to renewable energy in Myanmar

July 20, 2016
This fact sheet provides an overview of the Ahlin Yaung project in Myanmar, which supports rural communities to access reliable, sustainable energy services.

Switching On: Cambodia’s Path to Sustainable Energy Security

March 21, 2016
This independent report, supported by USAID and Pact's Mekong Partnership for the Environment, highlights Cambodia’s need to set a formal target for renewable energy generation for sustainable and...