Making Adaptive Management Work

Making Adaptive Management Work

Making Adaptive Management Work

“Adaptive Management” has become a catchphrase that encapsulates a diverse range of concepts, processes and goals. At its heart is the simple exhortation to adjust a project’s strategy to maximize the realization of results given the dynamism of most operating environments. How one does so, however, is not always clear. It involves diverse and carefully honed mindsets, resources, activities, and monitoring and evaluation systems, among others, that must themselves be adapted to meet the ongoing needs of the project. 

Please join us to discuss how three practitioners from Pact, CARE and USAID have tackled this challenge, and learn of a practical new resource that Pact has developed for adaptive management that builds from complexity science and program theory.


  • Laura Zambrano, Chief of Party, Migrant Human Rights Activity
  • Emily Janoch, Deputy Director, Research, Innovation, Evaluation, and Learning, CARE USA Food and Nutrition Security team
  • David Jacobstein, Democracy Specialist, USAID
  • Lauren Serpe, Deputy Technical Director, Results and Measurement, Pact
  • Alysson Akiko Oakley, Director, Results and Measurement, Pact
  • Kate Byom, Senior Governance Officer, Pact
  • Mason Ingram, Global Governance Director, Pact