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With support from local social workers, a family in South Africa thrives

Lerato hasn’t had an easy life. After Lerato contracted HIV from her husband, her sister died of AIDS at the age of 30. In addition to raising her own two children, who are HIV-negative, Lerato cares for the three children her sister left behind, two boys now 13 and 16 and an 11-year-old...

In partnership with the government of South Africa, stopping the spread of HIV

Letlhabile Community Health Center, located in a tiny town called Brits, in the northwest corner of South Africa, provides many essential social services for the community. One of them is patient tracers. When HIV-positive children in the area do not pick up critical HIV medications, the...

In Ethiopia, Pact supports communities to peacefully improve water access

Amibara woreda, in Ethiopia's Afar Regional State, has a desert climate with little rainfall. Compared to national and regional standards, Amibara’s water ranks among the lowest for access, quality, adequacy and availability. As a result, community members are forced to travel long...

Restoring farmland and livelihoods builds peace in Ethiopia

Shedi and Safi Ali have six children. Both were born in Hameti Meta Dayma, a village in Mieso woreda, in Ethiopia's Oromia region. Their family made a living farming crops and livestock, but it became more and more difficult as the natural resources around them degraded because of...

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‘I am free & empowered’: With Pact's support, two HIV-positive young women in Eswatini own their future

The Ready, Resourceful, Risk-Aware project, locally named Insika ya Kusasa, which means The Pillars of Tomorrow, is a USAID-funded project implemented in Eswatini by Pact, with assistance from the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Johns Hopkins Center for Communication...

‘Had I known, I would have saved my babies’: A mother in Nigeria takes control of her family’s health

Like many women in Funakaye, in Nigeria’s Gombe State, Asabe Abubakar had never sought health care for herself or her babies during pregnancy. There is a cultural belief among some here that only weak women deliver their babies in the hospital.   To show she was strong, Asabe gave birth...

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With holistic case management, a family in Tanzania breaks the cycle of poverty, HIV risk

Eva Mwaka Twimanye hasn’t had an easy childhood. She is one of five children, and both of her parents are HIV-positive. The income they make as small-scale gold miners in Bukombe District, in northern Tanzania, is rarely enough to make ends meet. Now 16, Eva was in grade five when she...

Camira Katuta Chalwe at the DREAMS center in N’Changa, in Zambia’s Copperbelt Province.

With DREAMS support, a teen in Zambia triumphs amid tragedy

When Camira Katuta Chalwe was young, she lost both of her parents to an unspecified illness and was sent to live with her uncle and aunt. Her childhood was characterized by ill health and interrupted education. 

Pact mothers group becomes a leader in community development

Gwani East ward is a hard-to-reach area in of Gombe State, in northeast Nigeria. People there have long struggled with poverty and lacked potable water and access to quality health services. The primary healthcare centre in Gwani East was missing basics including water, toilets and...

WORTH's impact: A mother of 11 becomes a thriving business owner

Ummi Yusuf has 11 children. Together, she and her husband, who she married when she was 18, worked hard to support them. Things changed for their family when he became ill and eventually paralyzed. Ummi was left with the burden of providing for everyone. The income she made styling hair...


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