Child Labor

In many countries where Pact works, vulnerable households and communities are unaware of healthy nutrition practices, available agricultural markets and sustainable food supplies. We work to help such communities reliably access the information and resources they need to overcome food insecurity.

We use a distinctly integrated approach that tackles food insecurity in a range of ways, including through nutrition education, agricultural trainings, and programs that help families to boost their income, making them more resilient. As a communities’ economic security is strengthened, so is their ability to invest in nutritious food, clean water, health care services and sanitation facilities.

Among our integrated projects that are solving food insecurity as well as other development challenges: Yekokeb Berhan in Ethiopia, Pamoja Tuwalee in Tanzania, and Shae Thot in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, Pact is improving household-level food security with integrated interventions that expand people’s access to financial services and build their agricultural skills – recognizing that livelihoods are closely connected to food security.