Desirée Luis

Desirée Luis

Desirée Luis

Chief of Party, Building Resilience Among Families Affected with HIV

Desirée Luis is the Chief of Party for the USAID-funded Building Resilience Among Families Affected with HIV project, aimed at improving the health and wellbeing, socio-economic and educational outcomes of vulnerable children, adolescents and families of Haitian migrants and their descendants in the Dominican Republic (DR) who have been affected by HIV, thereby helping the country achieve epidemic control and sustained reductions in HIV transmission.

She is a health worker and social communicator, with more than 25 years of experience in managing health, HIV and social programs in NGOs and public entities, such as Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs, Family Health International (now FHI 360), Latin American Agency of Experts in Strategic Planning, NGO AIDS Coalition, Ministry of Public Health of Dominican Republic, National Council of Population and Family, Child Abuse Prevention Department of the Office of the Attorney General, and Dominican Institute for the Study of Integral Health (IDESIP). Desirée has led projects funded by PAHO / WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, USAID/PEPFAR, UNFPA and Johnson & Jonhson Foundation. She has a Bachelor's in Social Communication, Master's in Public Health / Management (c), and post-graduate in Public Relations. During her professional career, she has supported initiatives aimed at vulnerable communities and populations in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Colombia, Panamá and El Salvador, including Haitian migrants and descendants, OVC, people living with HIV, adolescents and youth, women and men of reproductive age, and pregnant women.


  • Health and HIV/AIDS programming

  • Integrated community-based programming

  • Social behavior change communication

  • Advocacy and social mobilization

  • Strategic planning

  • Program management

  • Corporative communication