Jeffrey Engels

Jeffrey Engels

Jeffrey Engels

Director, Sustainable Markets and Livelihoods

Jeffrey Engels, Ph.D., is Pact's director for sustainable markets and livelihoods. He is an international development executive with experience in private and public sector project management and consulting across 30-plus countries. He has extensive experience with governments, enterprises and civil society to provide solutions to lift countries out of poverty, foster sustainable livelihoods and increase food security. Jeffrey has led programs to grow economies and expand markets. At Pact, he provides strategic leadership, key technical direction and assistance to projects and fosters innovation with SML tools and approaches in line with global best practices. Jeffrey is co-chair of Pact's Gender Community of Practice and Agriculture Community of Practice.


  • Economic development and livelihoods

  • Agribusiness and agricultural development

  • Rural development

  • Supply and value-chain enhancement

  • Food security