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ACHIEVE Integrated Technical and Organizational Capacity Assessment

June 22, 2022

Core to ACHIEVE’s approach is capacity development (CD) for local partners, enabling them to lead and sustain HIV epidemic control for ACHIEVE’s target population – pregnant and breastfeeding women (PBF), infants, children, and youth – to reach the 95-95-95 targets. ACHIEVE’s capacity development approach targets both organizational and technical capacity domains that are critical to scaling up and implementing community-based programs for orphans and vulnerable children, alongside HIV prevention, care, and treatment services.

ACHIEVE’s Global Capacity Development Team has developed an ITOCA Implementation Guide to provide external facilitators with the tools and background necessary to lead the ITOCA process with local partner organizations engaged in capacity development activities. The ITOCA can also be used to assess the readiness of local organizations to assume responsibilities for the implementation of HIV/AIDS programs from international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

While this guide presents the overall steps necessary to conduct the ITOCA, there are a number of additional resources that might be helpful for the successful completion of the assessment process, including further information on principles of organizational development, facilitation skills, self assessments and participatory approaches. Facilitators are encouraged to seek additional resources as necessary, which are available from Pact here.


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