Mekong Partnership for the Environment

Mekong Partnership for the Environment


Christy Owen

MPE director

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9 insights on public participation success from 8 companies

June 7, 2017
Modelling can provide technical solutions for mitigating risk and future-proofing investments, particularly infrastructure, against social and environmental impacts. People solutions are not so easy.

Environmental journalists net stories in the Mekong

March 22, 2017
With help from Pact's Mekong Partnership for the Environment project, journalists are working together to raise awareness about dangers to the Mekong River.

U.S. Embassy in Burma recognizes women environmental leaders in Myanmar

March 17, 2017
Two winners of the Women of Change Award, Naw Ei Ei Min and Yi Yi Cho, are representatives for Myanmar on the Pact-supported Regional Technical Working Group on Environmental Impact Assessment.

The evolution of development: How people from across the Mekong Region are mapping their collective future

December 20, 2016
Five countries. Governments, businesses, NGOs, community organizations, citizens. Through a landmark participatory process, Mekong Partnership for the Environment is changing how development is done...

In Cambodia, a mining company & an indigenous village are working together for better development

November 28, 2016
In Peak Village, Pact and a local NGO are helping to build a new, collaborate approach.