Belarus in Global Ratings 2019

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Belarus in Global Ratings 2019

January 15, 2020
Belarus in Global Ratings 2019

In order to put the country into a wider context, Pact releases its annual Belarus in Global Ratings 2019 report. The Report offers policymakers, development aid professionals and anyone interested in Belarus graphical data on the country’s international rankings, collected from various publicly available sources in five categories: Freedoms; Business & Economy; Security; Social Dimension and Civil Society.

As a result of internal and external developments in 2019, Belarus dropped in all key freedoms-related ratings and weakened its business and economy-related scores. At the same time, Belarus improved its positions in international ratings that measure well-being, social progress and human development. The country’s scores when it comes to peacefulness and firepower went up, while civil society ratings saw marginal improvements.

Whenever possible, we offer historical rankings in order to identify trends, and leave it up to the reader to interpret the data.

To check out the Belarus in Global Ratings 2019 report please visit the following link.

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