Public Opinion Survey: Civic Literacy in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus

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Public Opinion Survey: Civic Literacy in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus

March 8, 2017
Public Opinion Survey: Civic Literacy in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus

The report Civic Literacy in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus provides an account of the representative public opinion survey carried out in 2016 by the KIIS in Ukraine, CBS-AXA in Moldova, commissioned by UNDP Ukraine, and SBTC SATIO in Belarus, commissioned by Pact Inc. The survey was first conducted in Belarus; the questionnaire used there then informed development of the survey tools for Ukraine and Moldova.

The cross-culture research focuses on the rate of civic literacy and civic activism, the prevalence of various social and political attitudes and values, and the demand for civic education among the people in Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. Its findings should inform programmes aimed at sustainable democratic development of societies.

Key conclusions:

• There are significant gaps in the knowledge of the state structure, regulatory framework, and citizens’ rights and duties among Ukrainians, Moldovans and Belarusians. The civic literacy rate is somewhat higher in Belarus, Ukraine ranks 2nd, and Moldova is 3rd;

• The most frequently mentioned right in all countries is the right to work, which was noted by 26% of Ukrainians and Moldovans. Belarus is the exception, where half of respondents mentioned the right to life, and 49% the right to work.

• More than half of respondents in the three countries participate in the life of their local community in some form: taking part in land improvement, joint activities with neighbours, etc. The share of citizens who report community participation in Ukraine is 63%, in Moldova 62%, and in Belarus 54%.

• In Moldova, the general rate of civic activism, readiness to take part in civic initiatives, and confidence in one’s own ability to influence life in the community/country is relatively higher than in Ukraine or Belarus. In particular, 28% of Moldovans believe they are able to influence the situation in their city - compared to 8% of Ukrainians and 6% of Belarusians.

• The values considered most important in Ukraine, Moldova, and Belarus are: respect for human life, human rights, social justice, and adherence to the law. The features of a good citizen are: always abide by the law, pay taxes, know his/her duties and rights, and protect them.

• The share of respondents potentially interested in civic education (those who want obtain civic knowledge irrespective of whether they have such experience) in Ukraine is 47%, in Moldova 53% and in Belarus 29%.

Read the full text of the report in English and in Russian (Читайте полный текст отчета на русском языке).

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