citizens participating in initiatives that resulted in positive state-society engagement in 2017

Broadening Options for Reconciliation, Development, and Empowerment among Somalis II

Country: Somalia
Funder: Somalia Stability Fund

This three-year project is fostering peace and reconciliation in the Gedo and Juba regions of Somalia. Pact is building the capacity of community-based peace organizations, providing them with training, mentorship and technical assistance that has in turn helped them teach local communities to resolve their disputes without violence or external support. Pact's work has led to improved cooperation among peacebuilders, who now run joint response units to resolve conflicts and prevent retaliatory attacks. The project is also increasing local government involvement in peacebuilding initiatives, including district administrators, security agents and community policing units. Local governments are now enforcing community peace agreements, coordinating peacebuilding efforts in their districts to respond to conflicts and providing resources for conflict resolution. The project has provided peacebuilding trainings to thousands of Somalis. Working with local communities, Pact constructed 11 "peace dividends," including livestock markets, health and water facilities and a community hall that are increasing positive interactions among divided groups.

Central Africa Forest Ecosystem Conservation (CAFEC)

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Funder: USAID/ World Wildlife Fund

This project is using community-based natural resource management and the development of alternative, sustainable livelihoods in forest communities to preserve the humid forest ecosystems of the Congo Basin near Salonga Park.

Enabling Capacity Program

Country: Zimbabwe
Funder: European Union

This project is building the capacity of Zimbabwe's peace and security institutions to more effectively achieve their missions.

Zimbabwe Civil Society Strengthening Project

Country: Zimbabwe

This project is strengthening selected Zimbabwean civil society organizations, building their ability to influence the country's peaceful transition to a fair and transparent democratic system. With mentoring, training and funding, Pact is helping local organizations improve their strategic planning, leadership, organizational management, monitoring and evaluation, networking, advocacy, gender integration, media reform and civic engagement.

Yetu Initiative

Country: Kenya
Funder: USAID

The Yetu Initiative is strengthening the capacity of Kenyan civil society organizations to engage with citizens and carry out their missions. By helping local organizations to implement their own projects and campaigns and address issues of local concern, the Yetu Initiative is cultivating a culture of community-driven philanthropy, empowering communities to solve their own problems, reducing dependency on foreign donors and creating sustainable impact. Pact is using its unique capacity development tools to provide targeted, contextualized support to its partner organizations.


Forest Incomes for Environmental Sustainability

Country: Liberia
Funder: USAID

The Forest Incomes for Environmental Sustainability project is developing key rural forest-based enterprises that provide sustainable economic opportunities for rural farmers and forest-dependent communities while also stemming deforestation and biodiversity loss. The project is strengthening forest value chains, establishing legal and management frameworks for forest enterprises, and building the forest-management capacity of local organizations. 


Coming Together for Forests

Country: Cambodia
Funder: Winrock International/ USAID

This project is promoting human rights and ensuring that citizens and local communities fairly benefit from Cambodia's forest resources. Specifically, the project is building a nationwide, grassroots-led network of forest communities and helping them to better advocate for themselves as development threatens to push families off land on which they depend. 


Country: Cambodia
Funder: Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)

Promoting Citizen Engagement in Democratic Development, or PROCEED, is encouraging and helping Cambodian citizens to exercise more power in governance at the sub-national level. The project is increasing well-informed communication between citizens and government officials about local governance issues, and helping citizens to hold their government representatives accountable for delivering services that respond to their needs.

Somos Tesoro

Country: Colombia
Funder: U.S. Department of Labor

Since 2013, Somos Tesoro—We are Treasure—has worked to strategically reduce child labor in mining areas and improve health and safety in artisanal and small-scale mines. With its local partners, Alliance for Responsible Mining, Fondo Acción and Fundación Mi Sangre, Pact is using an integrated approach, addressing the many factors that lead to child labor, including economic instability, challenges in implementing public policies favoring child protection, and a lack of quality education in rural mining areas. The project focuses on two geographic areas where families rely on mining for their livelihoods: the coal mining communities of Boyacá and the gold mining communities of Antioquia. Somos Tesoro has decreased the numbers of children working in mines and has benefited 4,300 households and 13,000 children. In addition to benefitting children and families vulnerable to child labor, the program is helping adult miners, teachers, educational institutions and local government. Somos Tesoro is working to strengthen schools, promote greater economic stability in mining families, apply labor and mining health and safety standards, strengthen child protection policies and formalize artisanal mining in the two mining regions. The project has developed a comprehensive livelihoods program, including savings and microfinance and increased opportunities to generate income and assets. Learn more at


Country: Nigeria
Funder: Chevron

Pact's PROMOT program works to decrease mother-to-child HIV transmission in Nigeria's Bayelsa state. The program trains community health workers who make home visits and encourage pregnant women to get tested for HIV. Women who test positive are provided antiretroviral medicine and antenatal education to drastically reduce the odds of transmitting the virus to their babies. Babies are also tested after birth. The program is also building the capacity of local organizations to carry on transmission-prevention efforts beyond the life of PROMOT.