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Environment and Resilience-Building



people who benefited from improved natural resource management in 2019

Fact Sheet

About Pact

February 13, 2020
A general fact sheet about Pact, our approach and programs.

Technical Brief: Mapping and Assessment of Deep Pool Refugia Along the Main Rivers in the Lake Chilwa Catchment Fisheries Integration

July 5, 2018
The affluent rivers of Lake Chilwa, including Domasi and Likangala, serve a vital ecological function as breeding sites and as refugia for adult fish during the dry season when the lake water quality...
Fact Sheet

Mines to Markets

May 15, 2018
For more than a decade, Pact has been helping resource-dependent communities to gain lasting benefits from the more sustainable use of the natural resources around them. Mines to Markets...
Fact Sheet

USAID Green Invest Asia

March 19, 2018
A fact sheet on the USAID Green Invest Asia project, which is implemented by Pact.
Fact Sheet

Non-timber forest products: A lifeline for communities & ecosystems

September 14, 2017
A factsheet on the Godere Forest Initiative.

Guidelines on Public Participation in EIA in the Mekong Region

March 27, 2017
The Guidelines on Public Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in the Mekong Region have been developed to address the shared concern for increasing meaningful public participation...

An investor's guide to responsible development

December 9, 2016
This document provides guidance on creating responsible development projects in the Mekong region, including items to consider across the seven stages of project development.

Somos Tesoro: Integrated development case study

December 1, 2016
This case study, one in a series, focuses on Pact’s Somos Tesoro project in Colombia, which supports children and families vulnerable to child labor in mining. The case study unpacks...
Fact Sheet

Improving access to renewable energy in Myanmar

July 20, 2016
This fact sheet provides an overview of the Ahlin Yaung project in Myanmar, which supports rural communities to access reliable, sustainable energy services.