people with increased net income and savings in 2020

Fact Sheet

About Pact

February 13, 2020
A general fact sheet about Pact, our approach and programs.
Fact Sheet

Pact's approach to livelihoods and economic opportunities

August 13, 2019
A fact sheet about Pact's global Livelihoods & Economic Opportunities+ programming.
Fact Sheet

Empowering Young Women Entrepreneurs in Cambodia

November 27, 2018
A fact sheet on the Empowering Young Women Entrepreneurs in Cambodia project.
Fact Sheet

WORTH's global reach

May 16, 2018
WORTH's global reach describes Pact’s award-winning WORTH program, which brings together groups of women and older girls and uses a combination of literacy training, community banking and...
Fact Sheet

Mines to Markets

May 15, 2018
For more than a decade, Pact has been helping resource-dependent communities to gain lasting benefits from the more sustainable use of the natural resources around them. Mines to Markets...

Sajhedari Bikaas: Integrated development case study

December 12, 2016
This case study, one in a series, focuses on Pact’s Sajhedari Bikaas project in Nepal, which aims to strengthen citizen-government interaction and help communities direct their own development....
Fact Sheet

Improving access to renewable energy in Myanmar

July 20, 2016
This fact sheet provides an overview of the Ahlin Yaung project in Myanmar, which supports rural communities to access reliable, sustainable energy services.
Fact Sheet

Integrated community development in Myanmar

June 30, 2016
This fact sheet provides an overview of Pact's Shae Thot program in Myanmar, a six-year integrated community development program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.
Fact Sheet

Swan Yi: Strengthening abilities for women's economic empowerment

June 30, 2016
This fact sheet describes Pact's Swan Yi project in Myanmar to increase women's economic empowerment.
Fact Sheet

Sustainable Health Improvement and Empowerment

June 30, 2016
This fact sheet provides an overview of the SHINE project in Myanmar, an integrated health and livelihoods project that empowers rural communities to improve their health.