Our Integrated Approach

Our Integrated Approach


The causes of poverty and marginalization are complex. Using an integrated, systemic approach, we address root problems to measurably transform lives for lasting success.


We combine interventions in the following areas, with a focus on systemic changes needed to improve people’s lives:


In communities around the world, Pact is giving people better access to vital health and social services — from HIV and AIDS care and prevention to protections for vulnerable children — and ensuring local institutions and systems can sustain improvements long after Pact is gone.  Learn More


Pact helps people with limited livelihood choices earn a dignified living and be income-secure. Often tightly linked to our efforts in health, natural resource management, governance, and markets, our livelihoods work gives those who are poor the tools, knowledge, and access to credit to enable them to truly own their future.  Learn More

Natural Resource Management

Pact works with local organizations and governments to help communities sustainably benefit from the natural resources around them, from forests and water to cropland and mineral deposits. We work to forge effective systems for natural resource management and build responsible nature-based enterprises. Learn More

Capacity Development

We believe that local organizations are best suited to solve local problems – and that making them stronger is the best way to create meaningful, lasting impact beyond our presence. Our capacity development model works from assessment to training and mentorship to track improvement. Learn More


Pact enables people to exercise their voice by fostering national, regional, and local governance that’s inclusive, transparent, and accountable. Our efforts to create environments that enable people to exercise their voice and take ownership of their future cut across all the work we do. Learn More

Business and Markets

Pact strengthens local economies by assessing markets and transforming them into a force for development. Working with civil society organizations, government, and other stakeholders, we foster markets that are based on safe, non-exploitative practices and the sustainable use of natural resources, particularly in the mining and forestry sectors. Learn More

Integration at Work

The challenge of electrifying Myanmar's households

Myanmar’s elected leadership has committed to achieving universal electrification by 2030. But before this can happen, two crucial questions need to be answered. First, what exactly is the size of the challenge at hand? Second,...

‘If people cannot eat, we will never succeed’: How integrated development is saving Liberia’s forests

Nearly every morning in the yard beside her small thatched mud house, Yorh Brown starts a low-burning fire. She blends ingredients over just the right heat, then pours the thick mixture into a wide, shallow cooling pan.
As her...

‘I never had this idea before’: In Liberia, using entrepreneurship to improve lives & forests

It’s not even noon and already Patricia Wantoe has sold most of the cooking oil she brought to her village’s small market.
In the stalls next to hers, other sellers are offering okra, peppers, spices and soap, but it’s Wantoe’s...


Pact e-magazine highlights progress for children affected by HIV

April 4, 2017
Today, Pact released the newest issue of All In, the global e-magazine on the integrated approach to international development. This latest edition explores the progress of integrated efforts to...

Taking bold action for women

March 8, 2017
Twenty-five years ago, I moved with my husband to his home country—a developing nation where, for the first time in my life, I saw the impacts of real poverty. There, I learned that with access to...

With vocational training, a beautiful new future in Nepal

January 31, 2017
Subhadra Rokka always wanted to open her own beauty shop. After joining a Pact-supported youth group, she did.

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