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Sabine Joukes

country director

Peter Newman

program officer

Pact has worked for years to improve the lives of Cambodians, including helping local communities to build better livelihoods, enjoy more responsive and accountable governance, and responsibly manage the country's natural resources and environment.

Pact’s WE Act project supports young women entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. With a focus on urban-based micro, small and medium businesses owned by women ages 18 to 30, the project is addressing key challenges to their businesses through capacity development, network expansion, information sharing, access to finance and markets and more. It’s also supporting others in the entrepreneur system to better serve the needs of young women entrepreneurs.

Pact also implements the USAID Green Invest Asia project, which is working across Southeast Asia with a focus on Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. The project is catalyzing private sector finance to upscale and drive investments in agriculture, forestry, and other land use toward low emissions, yet profitable business models.

In partnership with local civil society organizations, Pact has also helped Cambodians to improve governance at the local level, making processes and delivery of services more transparent, inclusive and accountable.

Stories and Highlights

To engage Cambodia’s youth in socioeconomic rights, ‘Youth Ambassadors’ lead the way

June 21, 2023
In Cambodia, reaching youth can be a challenge, but this is exactly what the Pact-led WE Act project needed to do. Funded by USAID, WE Act works to support and empower young women entrepreneurs and...

Supporting women entrepreneurs in Cambodia: Seoy Khem's story

November 14, 2022
With funding from USAID, the Pact-led WE Act project works with organizations and institutions to provide business skills, soft skills and networks for women entrepreneurs in Cambodia so they have...

Engaging young women entrepreneurs with government officials in Cambodia

July 27, 2022
On July 5, 2022, USAID and Pact’s Women Entrepreneurs Act project organized an event entitled “Provincial Conference Promoting Engagement of Youth Leader and Young Women Entrepreneurs with Government...

'Technology has no gender': Cambodian entrepreneur contributes to sustainable farming

March 7, 2022
A recent global study by UNESCO found that 35 percent of female students choose to pursue STEM-related fields in their higher education. Every year, more and more women are breaking down the dated...

Mekong Connections program works with civil society on forests, rivers, wildlife and health

March 3, 2022
The women came proudly dressed to Ban Hat Bai village that cool January morning. In their handwoven pha sin skirts and their cotton tops, some indigo-dyed, they were ready for the first day of a...
An entrepreneur who is supported by WE Act works on clothing designs with one of her employees. (Credit: Brian Clark/Pact)

Improving the socio-economic rights of more than 3,500 young women entrepreneurs in Cambodia

November 11, 2021
In Cambodia, entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy. An estimated 350,000 small entrepreneurs across the country are making sure that their families have the income to send their children to...
Sophal at her pizza shop. Credit: WE Act

WE Act supports young women entrepreneurs in Cambodia to register their businesses

November 2, 2021
Pach Sophal, 32, runs a small, unregistered pizza and bakery shop in Battambang, Cambodia. Like most business owners, she wants to grow her business and earn more income for her family. That’s why...
Fishers in the Mekong Delta depend on both aquaculture and capture fishery. Credit: David Bonnardeaux/Pact

New grants and fellowships aim to raise local voices from the Mekong region

August 26, 2021
It was a regular Wednesday morning in Bangkok. Pact’s Thailand staff, working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, kept an eye on the Zoom chat as the screen began to fill with faces. Participants...

In Cambodia, empowering youth is a force for change

August 12, 2021
Ouk Sovandane, 19, is a sophomore majoring in banking at the Regional Polytechnic Techo Sen Institute, located in Sangkat Kraing Ampil, in Cambodia’s Kampot province. Growing up, Sovandane didn’t...

New partnership offers better access to financial services for Cambodia’s women entrepreneurs

June 25, 2021
Pact is teaming up with Wing Bank and Boost Capital, two digital financial services companies, to provide affordable financial services and products to underserved young women...