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Christy Owen

MPE director

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As growth accelerates across the Mekong region, partnerships—across borders and sectors—are crucial for responsible development. Increasingly, new dams, mines, roads, industrial zones and other projects mean both benefits and risks for communities and countries throughout the region. Inclusive decision-making practices need to be strengthened. Governments need to provide proper oversight. Business needs to be a responsible partner. Information needs to be shared. And citizens' voices must be heard.

Impact is no longer just local. It is regional, and sometimes global, and partnerships are essential for sustainability and equity.

In 2013, USAID awarded Pact the Mekong Partnership for the Environment (MPE) project, which supports constructive engagement among governments, business and civil society to ensure responsible development in countries the Lower Mekong sub-region. With a consortium of partners, we promote responsible investment and robust public participation through good Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) policy and practice.MPE supports practices that facilitate socially and environmentally responsible development decision-making in Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. 

MPE's work includes:

  • Building a network of organizations and experts to promote best policies and practices in EIAs
  • Convening regional multi-stakeholder dialogs and establishing working groups to tackle responsible development issues
  • Facilitating networks, workshops and events to build the capacity of civil society, governments and media
  • Filling research gaps with some of the region’s best researchers and institutions
  • Enhancing news, data and mapping websites and other channels to help people understand the impacts of development decisions

To apply for grants for civil society activities or research, visit the procurements section above.

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To learn more about the Mekong Matters Journalism Network, supported by MPE, visit the Earth Journalism Network.




Stories and Highlights

The evolution of development: How people from across the Mekong Region are mapping their collective future

December 20, 2016
Five countries. Governments, businesses, NGOs, community organizations, citizens. Through a landmark participatory process, Mekong Partnership for the Environment is changing how development is done...

In Cambodia, a mining company & an indigenous village are working together for better development

November 28, 2016
In Peak Village, Pact and a local NGO are helping to build a new, collaborate approach.

With Pact’s support, Cambodian banks commit to developing sustainable financing principles

September 27, 2016
The Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC) has taken its first major step toward sustainable lending practices by committing to develop sustainable finance principles and integrate environmental and...

Active and engaged: Indigenous women make their voices heard with Cambodian mining company

July 27, 2016
Women – especially indigenous women – are often the most vulnerable to the negative impacts of development projects. Socheat Penh from Mekong Partnership for the Environment shares the story of Sok...

Mekong Partnership for the Environment: Regional governments and civil society are improving public participation

March 21, 2016
As everyone filed into the meeting room, they stopped to greet familiar faces. Some shook hands, others gave friendly waves, wai’s or pats on the back. Diverse voices and backgrounds filled the venue...

Report recommends actions to increase Cambodia's renewable energy use

January 20, 2016
The Cambodian National Council for Sustainable Development (NCSD), in collaboration with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and its partners, launched a report today that...

World leaders pledge support for responsible growth in Mekong region

August 17, 2015
At a meeting of the Lower Mekong Initiative in Malaysia this month, leaders from six nations agreed that as the region transforms, short-term growth must not come at the expense of long-term...

Mekong groups agree on environmental agenda

May 14, 2015
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 14, 2015 Mekong Governments, Civil Society Reach Agreement on Environmental Impact Assessment Agenda HANOI, May 14, 2015 – In a ground-breaking agreement, government...

Mekong government, civil society support strong EIAs

December 5, 2014
Government and civil society representatives highlighted the need for strong and inclusive environmental impact assessment (EIA) policies and practices in the Mekong region at a meeting this week in...