The FISH project in Malawi

December 19, 2017

The fish in lakes Chilwa, Chiuta, Malombe, and Malawi are a precious natural resource and the pride of Malawi. The Fisheries Integration of Society and Habitats (FISH) project is a 5-year, USAID-funded project that is increasing social, ecological, and economic resilience to climate change and improving biodiversity conservation through sustainable fisheries co-management. The project's Pact-led consortium is enabling communities and local government to protect Malawi’s main fresh-water lakes using an integrated approach that addresses the root causes of biodiversity degradation. Thriving lakes contribute to the health of Malawi and its people, and the package of services that the FISH project provides -- from capacity development and improved livelihoods to using science to help communities be resilient -- is making an impact. By caring for these ecosystems, Pact is catalyzing transformational and lasting change in the management of Malawi’s fisheries.