Pact gives voice to those without by fostering national, regional, and local governance that’s inclusive, transparent, and accountable. Our efforts cut across all the work we do.



citizens participating in initiatives that resulted in positive state-society engagement in 2016

Everyone deserves to participate in their own governance, but often those who are poor and marginalized are left out.

Pact helps people who may lack resources, education or influence exercise their voice through education, networking, coalition-building and advocacy. Our tools and strategies connect people with their public servants, enable them to track their activity and efficiency, and give communities a voice in policymaking and priorities.

Likewise, Pact also works directly with host government officials, legislators, local government councils and key ministries to devise ways to share information, decisions, plans and progress reports with communities.

In more than dozen countries today, Pact nurtures positive state-society engagement based on inclusiveness, responsiveness, transparency and accountability.

Pact’s emphasis on partnership cultivates grassroots support for reform by encouraging collaborative efforts between civil society organizations; local, regional and national NGOs; businesses; and government. These networks build broad-based constituencies whose voices command attention.

Pact and its partners also help train women in political leadership, conduct civics education in schools and communities, raise awareness of issues critical to marginalized groups, and reinforce democratic and gender-equal ideals.

Information that is readily accessible and understandable creates an informed constituency that builds their future on transparency and accountability, so Pact trains watchdog groups and journalists to access information, track budgets and share their findings.

Government can seems like something done to people, not on behalf of people. Unless those governed participate in the process, adminstrations become out-of-touch and nonresponsive - or worse, wateful and corupt.

Our Governance Work in Action

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Access to Justice community meeting

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