• Celebrating 50 years

    For the past half-century, Pact has been dedicated to helping organizations and communities overcome development challenges.
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  • A Ukrainian flag flies outside a building in the country.
    A view of Kiev, Ukraine.

    Local media building civic engagement

    In Ukraine, Toronto TV builds a more sustainable business model to further unite citizens around reforms and activism.
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  • Decent work must include artisanal & small-scale miners

    A new op-ed from Pact and World Bank highlights the importance of artisanal and small-scale mining in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 8.
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  • Resilient, sustainable civil society

    5 ideas for supporting civil society actors to increase their relevance and resilience
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  • Measuring Our Mission

    In 2020, Pact helped millions of people to improve their health, livelihoods, environment and more.
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An international development organization at work in nearly 40 countries, Pact is the promise of a better future for all those who are challenged by poverty and marginalization.

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