• ASM miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
    ASM miners in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    ASM cobalt explained

    Artisanal and small-scale cobalt mining is critical to the global economy, and so is formalizing the sector.
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  • Community-led conservation

    Pact supports communities around the world to responsibily manage their natural resources for a brighter future.
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  • Child by child

    Across sub-Saharan Africa, Pact is transforming the lives of vulnerable children one household at a time.
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  • Pact's annual report

    In 2021, our data-driven, evidence-based programming helped millions of people around the world.
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  • Driven by learning

    Pact uses continual learning, evaluation and data to improve global development programming.

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An international development organization at work in nearly 40 countries, Pact builds solutions for human development that are evidence-based, data-driven and owned by the communities we serve.

Latest News & Highlights

July 14, 2022
For many young people, working at a mine is a sure way to earn money in mineral-rich DRC. But it is also dangerous to their health and development, not to... read more
July 13, 2022
On Sunday, July 31, in Montreal, Canada, Pact will host a satellite session at the 24th International AIDS Conference on reaching one of the most vulnerable... read more
May 17, 2022
Pact’s longstanding livelihoods model, WORTH, is a critical tool for building financial access and incomes around the world. Since its inception in Nepal in... read more


Working hand in hand with local communities,
Pact is improving lives around the globe with sustainable impact.