Terms of Reference for Development of HIV Testing Services (HTS) Job Aid and Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials DUE DATE Download
TOR - HTS Job AID & IEC Materials.doc 06/27/2018 DOWNLOAD
RFQ 2018 3.02 Kizazi Kipya Startup Kits DUE DATE Download
RFQ 2018 3.02 Kizazi Kipya Startup Kits.pdf 06/25/2018 DOWNLOAD
RFQ #P3250-2018-001 Motorcycles in Ethiopia DUE DATE Download
RFQ# P3250-2018-001 Pact Ethiopia Motorcycles May 2018.pdf 06/15/2018 DOWNLOAD
RFQ 2018 Kizazi Kipya Tablets DUE DATE Download
RFQ 2018 5.01 Kizazi Kipya Tablets final.pdf 05/23/2018 DOWNLOAD
Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Microsoft Surface Pro (7 sets) DUE DATE Download
RFQ-Request for Quotation - Mircrosoft Surface Pro(7 sets).pdf 05/11/2018 DOWNLOAD
Pact DHIS2 System: Development and Implementation DUE DATE Download
Pact DHIS2 RFP.pdf 05/13/2018 DOWNLOAD
Capacity Development Manager - South Africa DUE DATE Download
Capacity Development Manager.pdf 04/24/2018 DOWNLOAD
RFP: Branding and Communication Services DUE DATE Download
Annex- Assets for Branding and Communications Support.pdf 04/30/2018 DOWNLOAD
RFQ 2018-3/02 Tablets DUE DATE Download
RFQ 2018 3.02 Kizazi Kipya Tablets.pdf 04/17/2018 DOWNLOAD
RFP: Conducting Anti-Corruption Polling in Ukraine DUE DATE Download
RFP Anticorruption polling.pdf 03/14/2018 DOWNLOAD
RFP: YOLO Program Design and Implementation Evaluation DUE DATE Download
YOLO evaluation RFP.pdf 02/05/2018 DOWNLOAD
YOLO RFP Frequently Asked Questions.pdf 02/05/2018 DOWNLOAD
RFQ 2017 – 03/12 Laptops DUE DATE Download
Kizazi Kipya Laptop Advert final.pdf 02/02/2018 DOWNLOAD
Kizazi Kipya Laptop Advert Amendment 1.pdf 02/02/2018 DOWNLOAD