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Nick Langton

country director

Christine de Guzman

program officer

Opening its first office here in 1988, Pact has a long history of improving literacy, citizen engagement and the economic and social status of women and other marginalized groups in Nepal.

Since the 1990s, Nepal has grappled with political, social and economic transition. With Pact’s support, local communities are overcoming those challenges – seizing opportunities and improving their lives.

A pioneering WORTH woman from the model's early days.

Nepal is the birthplace of Pact’s world-renowned WORTH program, in which groups of 25 or so women contribute weekly savings to a “village bank” that they can then borrow from to invest in their own business or other income-producing activity. Since the program’s inception in 1999, more than 200,000 Nepalese women have benefited from WORTH.

In 2012, Pact began Sajhedari Bikaas, a USAID-funded initiative that empowers communities to achieve equitable and effective local development. Meaning “Partnership for Development,” Sajhedari Bikaas works in six districts of Nepal’s mid and far western regions, and is currently expanding into three districts in the western region that were affected by the earthquakes in April and May 2015.

Sajhedari Bikaas works with a range of national and local partners, including Nepalese nonprofits that engage women, youth and other marginalized groups in planning and implementing development programs. By providing technical assistance to build capacity among local organizations, Pact is helping Nepal to direct its own development, ensuring a lasting impact.

Stories and Highlights

Through a youth group in Nepal, an activist finds her voice

May 25, 2016
Ask Laxmi Rokaya what she dreams of for her country, and the 19-year-old’s answer is modest. More opportunities for youth. The chance to go to school. Jobs. “Many young people here are unemployed,”...

Pact Pioneers Mobile Technology in Western Nepal

February 4, 2014
Collecting data just got simpler in rural areas of Nepal. Pact recently completed a survey of 7,500 rural residents using mobile data collection software and equipment to record responses to...

Learning to save money a stepping stone to women's empowerment

December 31, 2013
Founding member of Pact-sponsored savings group goes on to shape Nepal’s national politics as a member of parliament

Sajhadari Bikaas –Partnership for Development. USAID/Pact Nepal

June 24, 2013
On June 14, I visited a Mobile Service Camp inKohalpur located outside of Nepalgunj, in the Western Terai near the Indian border, where Pact has its main office in Nepal.