Pact is committed to operating lawfully, with transparency and in a manner that honors our organizational values of respect, integrity and inclusion.

At Pact, the way we work is just as important as what we achieve. We are committed to operating with integrity, complying with all laws and regulations to which we are subject, and creating and maintaining an environment that respects and values our employees, partners, donors and the people we serve around the world. We strive for transparency in all aspects of our work, from our programs to our day-to-day operations.

Our values of respect, integrity and inclusion guide us. We strive for the highest possible moral and professional standards in everything we do at Pact. We approach every person with an open mind and an understanding of their perspective and experience. We put people at the center of everything we do, providing a work environment where people can flourish.

Each of us at Pact is responsible for acting ethically, encouraging our colleagues around us to act ethically, and reporting our failings so that we are given the opportunity to do better. We have put strong policies and mechanisms in place to guide and support us. You can learn about many of them below.

Key organizational policies

Code of Conduct
Pact’s Code of Conduct is our guide to putting into practice our three core values of integrity, respect and inclusion. These values help us succeed in our duty to ensure a fair workplace, to responsibly serve local communities and to act as honest stewards of the funds entrusted to us. The Code applies to all Pact employees and Board members. We expect our partners, subrecipients, temporary workers and others performing work for Pact to follow the Code or their own similar code of conduct in connection to their work for us.

Pact's Code of Conduct (Burmese) (French) (Spanish) (Swahili)

We are committed to accountability and transparency in our work. We invite anyone with concerns about violations of our Code of Conduct or any of our organizational policies to contact us immediately.

  • Contact our Ethics & Compliance Office: @email
  • Use EthicsPoint, our ethics hotline. The hotline is available to staff, partners, consultants, community members, and members of the public 24 hours a day by phone or online. Users can type their complaint in English or their native language and can choose to disclose their contact information or remain anonymous.
    • Make a report online:
    • Make a report by phone: 1-844-797-8645 (this feature is currently only available for reports made in the United States)

Program results
Pact is committed to publicly sharing the impact of our programs. For 10 years, Pact has published our annual Measuring Pact’s Mission report, which details the main indicators by which we gauge our progress. We also provide data to the International Aid Transparency Initiative. Pact’s IATI data is available here.