Capacity Development

Pact supports the capacities of individuals, community groups, civil society and governments so they can translate hopes and ideas into new and lasting realities.

A pioneer and innovator in what is now among the most critical disciplines in international development, Pact has been strengthening groups and communities around the world for more than 40 years. This includes community-based organizations, civil society organizations, advocacy groups and government agencies. As a global partner with extensive experience in holistic, integrated development, we help organizations, governments and systems craft development agendas, plan for change and take effective action. 

Pact views capacity development as an approach, a process and an outcome. Our capacity development work is intentional, goes beyond knowledge transfer, relies on co-creation and co-implementation, incorporates technology in creative ways and agilely works within complex, adaptive systems. 

Capacity Development 2.0
Pact recently launched a new set of capacity development tools based on what is known as Capacity Development 2.0. This framework involves methodically embedding programmatic efforts in a larger local systems approach. This begins with delineating, mapping and analyzing relevant systems. Pact and its partners then co-create action and change plans, including all actors needed to foster meaningful social change. Pact and partners identify and leverage opportunities and link them with associated capacities to support and strengthen as needed. The resulting highly participatory co-design processes lay out clear steps for progress.

With Pact's Capacity Solutions Platform, or CSP, Pact and its partners can capture qualitative and quantitative data to track and understand organizations' progress. An important tool in Pact's ongoing effort to move the historical locus of development change out of the "project" context and into the appropriate local context, the CSP has now been used by more than 2,500 organizations in 30 countries.

Pact also relies on the open-source, evidence-based methodology known as Collective Impact, which makes systems-based approaches to change relatively easy to understand and co-implement, even for nascent local groups.

To learn more, read our capacity development fact sheet.

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