Our Results

Our results

Pact works to transform lives in ways that are lasting and measurable. We compile data at the local and national levels that summarize the outcomes of our worldwide programming in the areas of health, livelihoods, environment, capacity development, governance, responsible mining, energy and more. These are the main indicators by which we gauge our progress. They're published annually in our Measuring Pact’s Mission report, below. We also believe that no single measure stands alone. Our integrated approach combines interventions and focuses on systemic change to build an environment for lasting success.


Pact’s Data Dashboard is an interactive visualization tool summarizing Pact’s work and results around the world. Explore our data by selecting the year, impact area or country in the reports below. Each report element can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the top right corner of the tile. View additional reports by clicking the navigation arrows at the bottom of the page.