Pact gives voice to those without by fostering national, regional and local governance that’s inclusive, transparent and accountable – making them heard. Our efforts cut across all the work we do.

Inclusive, transparent and accountable governance is essential to people’s ability to own their future. Pact fosters such governance systems by empowering citizens and communities to speak their truth to power and by enabling government institutions to respond to citizens’ needs, deliver quality services and effectively manage public resources.

Pact helps people who may lack resources, information or influence to exercise their voice through education, networking, coalition-building and advocacy. Our tools and strategies connect people with public servants, enable them to track their activity and efficiency, and give communities a say in policymaking and priorities.

Pact’s emphasis on partnership cultivates grassroots support for reform by encouraging cooperation among governments, communities, civil society and business.

Unless citizens take an active role in their own governance, adminstrations become out-of-touch and nonresponsive or, worse, wasteful and corrupt.