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Gender Equality

For more than five decades, Pact has worked hand in hand with communities around the world to address the root causes of gender inequality, empower women and girls and foster inclusion.

No one’s rights, responsibilities or opportunities should depend on their gender. Yet across the world, women and gender-diverse people do not enjoy the same rights and social benefits that men do and experience persistent social, economic and political inequalities.

Women are less likely to have access to education, social protections and participation in governance and community and household decision-making. One in three women worldwide has experienced violence, nearly half of married women lack decision-making power over their sexual and reproductive health and rights, and 178 countries still have legal barriers that prevent women’s full economic participation. For gender-diverse individuals, the barriers are higher.

At the same time, we know that gender equality is necessary to realize development goals and the prosperity of entire communities and societies.

For decades, Pact has worked hand in hand with communities around the world to address the root causes of gender inequality and empower women and girls.

All of our program areas and offices integrate gender equality and inclusion as foundational in our programs and operations and seek to overcome root causes of disparities that negatively affect women, girls and gender-diverse people. Pact’s expertise includes women’s economic empowerment, health empowerment and equality, gender-based violence, climate change mitigation and adaptation, capacity strengthening, civic engagement, conflict mitigation, natural resource management, labor rights, responsible mining and more. 

With Pact’s support, women, girls and gender-diverse people gain skills, resources, confidence, independence and influence. We increase meaningful participation in family and community decision-making, local governance and business, to foster a world where a person’s gender does not determine their opportunities or ability to thrive. 

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