Pact's livelihoods work helps more than a million people each year to increase their income, giving them the skills, knowledge and resources they need to overcome poverty and marginalization.

Economic, environmental and social resilience and empowerment are at the core of people's ability to own their future, especially for women, youth and disadvantaged groups.

Pact works hand in hand with the communities we serve, co-creating sustainable responses to improve their livelihood opportunities, resilience, human capital development and access to finance and markets. Our WORTH program, which brings rural women together in small groups to save money, access credit and start small businesses, has reached more than 1 million people in 16 countries. 

We use an integrated approach to holistically prepare families to be resilient to unforeseen shocks. We meet those challenged by poverty where they are, and deliver the tools they need to address root causes, adjust to the often-shifting social and economic landscape around them, and become income-secure.

Our work focuses on three main areas:

Access to finance – We facilitate and improve equitable access to capital and financial services and products.

Micro and small enterprise development – We create employment and increase incomes with market-driven vocational training and skills training, with a focus on women, youth, self-sufficiency and lasting impact.

Labor rights – We reduce child labor, forced labor and labor rights violations among vulnerable populations, improving their economic participation in quality jobs.


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